January: 30 days abs challenge!

It feels appropriate to tackle the new year by getting rid of the extra belly fat accumulated during the holidays and get back in shape. So let’s kick off 2020 with some fitness!

This challenge will be pretty straight forward. I will be following this 30-days Abs challenge that includes 4 days of rest and daily exercices with an increasing difficulty.

I plan on recording my workout sessions and share my feedback week after week. Stay tuned! 💪


If you know me, you probably know that I like to find new challenges every year. For example in 2019, running a marathon, buying my first flat, and starting to learn german were on my list. It gets me out of my comfort zone, helps me stay curious and gets me more enthusiastic about the time that passes by.

For 2020, I decided I would ask my friends to help me choose 12 monthly challenges by voting for their favorite ones among a list of 20. The idea being that I would share my journey for every one of them: how I plan on tackling them, my successes, my failures, and what I would learn. But I would also invite other people to join me so we could achieve them together, eventually adding a new ingredient to the “challenge success” recipe: accountability.

So a few days ago, I shared a link to my poll. And after taking my friends’ votes into account, this is my list for 2020:

My 12 CHALLENGES for 2020

  • January: Do a 30 days six-pack challenge;
  • February: Learn a coding language;
  • March: Not eating out for lunches;
  • April: Reach the B1 level in German;
  • May: Reach the B1 level in Arabic;
  • June: Get the French driving license;
  • July: Generate 1000€ of extra revenues;
  • August: Publish one video per day on YouTube;
  • September: No single-use plastic;
  • October: No sugar;
  • November: Read 5 books;
  • December: Limit phone usage to an hour per day.

Some of them are more ambitious than others, some are related to creativity and knowledge, others to fitness or financial growth, but they all share a common trait: I am excited to tackle them!

If you want to join me or share your own list of challenges for the new year, feel free to comment on this post below. And in the meantime, best wishes to you and your loved ones for 2020!